Welcome to RiteForBusiness

Don’t you wish you didn’t have to wait for large checks to clear in your account before you could get the cash? Wouldn’t it be great if you could pay your workers on time in cash? How often can you take advantage of cash discounts on your purchases of materials or supplies? How about if you didn’t have to hassle with your bank?

To get started, simply contact one of our team members at 718-665-0778 ext. 9099, email at rfb@ritecheck.com 

or click the button below to get a coupon for up to $20 off your first check cashing fee and a list of locations. We look forward to serving you!

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions above, then you need to know about RiteForBusiness! We provide small businesses a practical alternative

to dealing with conventional banks.

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  RiteForBusiness can …
  • Cash checks made payable to your business for instant cash

  • Take cash payments for all types of bills from utilities, credit cards, wireless, even parking tickets, EZ Pass and MetroCards!

  • Send or receive cash anywhere in the world with MoneyGram®

  • Provide money orders

  • Offer notary services and legal document preparation

  • Provide prepaid MasterCard debit cards for cash management

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How RiteForBusiness can help your business …
  • Improve cash flow – instant access from your checks from anywhere, any time!

    • Don’t have to wait for funds to clear into your account before accessing your money

    • Be able to purchase supplies and take cash discounts

    • Pay cash to employees who may not have bank accounts

  • No bank account necessary or minimum balance to keep

    • There is some nominal paperwork needed to help set up your account with RiteForBusiness, but it’s simple to complete

    • You simply bring us checks payable to your business when you need the cash – no amount too large

    • Provide direct deposit and payroll solutions for your employees

  • Industry-Leading Loyalty Rewards

    • Earn 1.6 points for every dollar amount of checks cashed – cash $1,000, earn 1,600 points!

    • Earn 1 point per dollar value of every transaction – pay $100 bill, get 100 points

    • Redeem points for cashback rewards or valuable prizes

  • All the conveniences of a banking relationship without the hassles

    • 14 convenient locations throughout the NYC Metro area

    • Extended hours in many locations

    • Highly-trained, customer-oriented staff to meet your needs

  • Guaranteed Low Fees

    • Our exclusive Beat-The-Fee Guarantee ensures that you will get the best deal in town

    • Typically, our fee to cash a check is about 2% of the check’s face value

    • Should you find someone offering a better deal, bring in your receipt and we’ll beat that fee!

    • RiteForBusiness really wants your business and works hard to not only get it, but to keep you as a customer

  • Generous Referral Program

    • Send a friend or business colleague to RiteForBusiness and we’ll show our appreciation!

    • If your new customer referral leads to a new account, when they cash their first check with RiteForBusiness, we’ll apply 350,000 Rewards points to your account –a $50 value that you can redeem for cash.

    • Your friend gets 100,000 points instantly, just for signing up!

To get started, simply contact one of our team members at 718-665-0778 ext. 9099, email at rfb@ritecheck.com or click the button below to get a coupon for up to $20 off your first check cashing fee and a list of locations. 

We look forward to serving you!